Research interests

Topic 1 - Systems Biology for data-driven understanding of microorganisms

Understanding microorganisms are crucial to engineer them. We utilize various tools based on systems biology that aims to understand the behavior and functions of biological systems, by generating diverse omics data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics) for the interactions and relationships between their components. This approach to biology seeks to explain how biological systems operate as a whole, rather than solely focusing on individual parts, in response to various environmental changes such as substrate utilization, stress response, which are relevant biochemical production.

Topic 2 - "Synthetic Biology" driven engineering of intelligent bacteria

We utilize synthetic biology that combines the principles of engineering and biology to create new biological systems or modify existing ones for specific purposes such as producing biofuels, biochemicals, and cleaning up environmental pollutants. This is achieved through the manipulation of DNA, the genetic material of bacteria, to modify or add new functions to the bacteria.